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Landscape jewellery

07.02 - 06.03.2004

Endeavouring to define jewellery today is a difficult task, as it is the reflection of an extremely varied world. It has become a means of expression that no longer has an iconoclastic function of representation of this or that social class. Jewellery today still remains a strong vehicle of research that has the capability of going deep into our consciences, underlining virtues and contradictions of a society in continuous evolution. The intent of this exhibition is exactly that of analysing one of the multiple aspects of life: the journey. The journey as a metaphor. "Just like Marco Polo, the artist attempts to explain or to explain him/herself. An imprecise or undefined desire gives the impulse to look for a precise answer. The artist, just like the explorer, knows where he is leaving from but is not certain of where his journey will take him. Both will undertake their journey as a means of transgression, like an adventure, like a fight, not against something, but towards something, that has neither been left behind to be imitated nor in front to be invented. [..] From the Odyssey to On the Road by Kerouac, the journey has been one of the most universal and common metaphors. [..] it is a meeting point and renovation, it is a journey of knowledge and perfection, of survival. It is also retrospect and introspect. The journey is a metaphor of desire that pushes us to look for what we lack".1 A ceramic fragment or a small stone can be worth a lot to us if they bring back memories and sensations. There is no money that can buy this intimate and important space in our life. Infinite territories, remote places, far-away atmospheres, scenes of every-day life, landscapes that we see every day but we never stop to observe; we are too distracted to listen to their beauty. This is the consideration made by the designers taking part in this exhibition, each of them with a different background and diverse experiences but with the common aim of making us experience moments we thought had gone but on the contrary are only trapped inside us, ready to come to the surface again when we least expect it. 1 Ramon Puig Cuyàs, 2003

Akiko Ban, Monika Brugger, Elaine Cox, Cláudia Cucchi, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Gill Galloway-Whitehead, Katy Hackney, Mari Ishikawa, Ute Kolar, Angelo Lomuscio, Carla Nuis, Ewa Rudowska, Kayo Saito, Sarah Stafford.