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Non tutto è oro ciò che luccica - Es ist nicht alles Gold was glänzt


Ex students from Alchimia, Florence and the Academy of Fine Arts, Nurnberg.
Alternatives Gallery is pleased to present a key event in the field of contemporary jewellery, the exhibition entitled Non tutto è oro ciò che luccica, meaning All that glitters is not gold.
9 ex students from two prestigious schools, the Academy of Fine Arts in Nurnberg and the contemporary jewellery school Alchimia in Florence, will show their latest works from 19th May to 23rd June 2007.
Their work is the result of research in the field of experimental jewellery that started while studying in their respective schools. Today, more than ever, value is determined by an equilibrium between form and content, between innovation and experimentation and by the ability to reinterpret jewellery that is a symbol of the past, in a new means of communication.
Just as alchemists once tried to reproduce gold, today's alchemist is in search of an idea capable of shining its own light. This exhibition was organized in cooperation with "Forum für Angewandte Kunst Nürnberg e.V." and shown in Nurnberg in 2006.

Marie Bonfils, Heike Gruber, Toma Johanne Hilgenfeld, Karin Kato, Anna Lang, Ursula Leitner, Ermelinda Magro, Christoph Straube, Theresia Jerabek